About Us

Sixofus Design is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Mumbai, India. Started in 2004, our work spans across a wide range beyond logo design, to NAMING, BRANDING, PACKAGING, ENVIRONMENTAL, DIGITAL, WEDDING, PRINT, events, book design and more. Our client's needs are at the core of all the work we do. Over the last seventeen years, the brands we've helped create and build across various industries have grown and gained trust among their users and customers.

How we work

Culture & Team

We keep a human-centred approach in everything, to come up with solutions that are not cliché. Our team is dynamic, with new members from different parts of the world and experience coming in and contributing to our process.

At SIXOFUS we love learning from each other, and occasionally have mini-workshops, called Creative Fridays, led by different people at the studio. These are focused on building skillsets and leadership within the team. From acrylic pour to making sushi at the studio, letting go of perfection and embracing experimentation is always a highlight of Creative Fridays.