Now and then, at SIXOFUS we design a project that we can share with everyone.  These are our passion projects, our space to go, explore and express and then share.

Project Happy Accidents celebrates the simple pleasures of accidents, meeting a friend unexpectedly, finding money in your pocket, and so on. We cannot control everything in life and sometimes we must let ourselves have new experiences by accident, or shall we say happy accidents. Each of the 500 books in this collection is manually screen printed by us and is unique like every individual.

Project Connect is an initiative to recognise the importance of the people in our life, those we forget or sometimes neglect in the hustle of everyday life. We designed a set of 9 postcards for the people in our lives, to write on and share with the people in their lives, starting a chain of connections.

Project Today is a reminder. We often hear people saying, ‘one day I shall travel’ or ‘one day I will learn how to play the guitar’ ‘and one day…’. This project was our way of letting people know that ‘one day’ is TODAY. Today is the day. We are always so engrossed in planning for the future that we have forgotten how to enjoy the amazing gift of ‘today’.

Here are some other projects that might interest you...